The ACA conference series is devoted to promoting all manner of computer algebra applications, and encouraging the interaction of developers of computer algebra systems and packages with researchers and users (including scientists, engineers, educators, etc.). Topics include, but are not limited to, computer algebra in the sciences, engineering, medicine, pure and applied mathematics, education and computer science.


Meeting Format

The meeting will be run in the standard ACA format where individuals are invited to organize special sessions (see Individuals can propose a special session by sending an e-mail to The ACA working group will decide on the acceptance of proposed sessions. All talk submissions must be directed to an organizer of an appropriate special session. Within each session, talks are traditionally 1/2 hour in length (including time for questions), although hour long expository lectures occasionally occur.

Although the deadline for special session proposals was set for February 28th, please contact the program chairs if you have a late proposal.


How to submit a talk

The talks are always submitted to session organizers after the announcement of the proposed (and accepted) Special Sessions (see the list of accepted Special Sessions).

One who wants to submit a talk to a Special Session must send by e-mail the following information to a session organizer:

The deadline for talk submissions has been extended to 15 May, 2013.